Voltage controlled tile engine and

collision processor



Width: 56HP

Max Depth: 1.98″

Power: 250mA@ +12V, 0mA@ -12V


160×192 pixel resolution via standard composite NTSC output


Highly responsive engine maintains fast control rates and full 60 FPS progressive video output


2×4 simultaneous colors / 2×16 palettes / 86 total colors programmable


2 voltage controlled sprites with 32 addressable bitmaps


2 voltage controlled tiles with 32 addressable bitmaps / 16 tile maps


Assets replaceable via Secure Digital (SD) Card, FAT16 or FAT32 format


Integrated gravity and collision processing rendered across 7 dedicated gate outputs



wcalu1smallwcalu2smallwcalu4smallwcalu3smallnightskyScreen Shot 6 Screen Shot 9 Screen Shot 4 Screen Shot 5 Screen Shot 3 Screen Shot 2 Screen Shot 8