digital worlds. analog technology.


With the heart of a video synthesizer and the brain of a videogame console, Ming Mecca is the first of its kind: an ontological toy, a videogame easel, and a love letter to all things retrofuture. Designed for use in Eurorack format synthesizers but built to meet the demands of even the most seasoned micro-galactic interlopers, Ming Mecca modules will take your rig where no rig has gone before.





the ultimate god mode.


jack5The world is a patch, and you are its patcher. Ming Mecca brings voltage control to a comprehensive set of classic videogame design parameters, from details like object location and animation, to big-picture elements like game rules and level geography.


Turn off gravity at the flick of a switch, or scroll through seasons at the turn of a knob. Populate your world with exotic creatures, then modulate their identities with random voltage. Set objects in motion and use their collision to trigger cosmological events elsewhere in your modular. Experiment with quantum position, step sequence destructible terrain, and patch wormholes into parallel dimensions. With Ming Mecca, your modular transforms into a reality synthesizer.





design your own material.


SWC Cart 2

SD Card

Ming Mecca’s assets are easily replaceable via the World Core’s hot-swappable cartridge system. Create your own palettes, tile maps, and bitmaps in our intuitive text-based World Pack format. Then save them to an SD Card, reset the World Core, and watch as your creations come to life as the raw matter of new alien worlds. Attach a custom config file to your World Pack and unlock hidden collision options, special color modes, and more. You can even personalize the boot screen with your own logo.



CC Detail 1

ready, player one.


Control your world manually by connecting an NES-compatible gamepad to Ming Mecca’s Control Core. Create platforming physics with ease by using the facebuttons to trigger envelope-driven jumping slopes, or use all four directional pad outputs to create free moving space shooters. Add a second Control Core to directly manipulate world states or experiment with two player mechanics in the style of Atari 2600 classics.




Screen Shot 7

explode the veil.


QuestionEngage Ming Mecca’s dedicated glitch modes and venture into abstract landscapes of digital entropy. Inspired by Howard Scott Warshaw’s famous programming technique in Yar’s Revenge, the World Core’s graphics engine can be pointed to arbitrary regions of RAM, in effect recursively visualizing its own program code.


Ming Mecca will glitch on command without ever crashing or compromising operational stability. And with three gate inputs for independent selection of palettes, bitmap data, and tile maps, you are free to break your world in just the right places. Integrate a circuit bent aesthetic into larger game designs and world systems, or create pure 8-bit video art synchronized to your modular sound patches.



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